Zone Fighter YT series cover

The series's title card

Zone Fighter is an internet video series about the life and adventures of Zone Fighter, an Ultra-in-training as he protects the Earth from Evil.


Pushed aside by the Ultramen, Zone Fighter is on a self-guided journey to find out the true meaning to being an Ultraman. However, an unknown evil comes out from the shadows, and uses the power of the mysterious Ultraminium to overwhelm Zone Fighter. It's up to Zone to defend the Earth, and discover his greater destiny.



  • Zone Fighter / Koichii
  • Father Of Ultra
  • Ultraman Taro
  • Ultraseven
  • Captain Stenz
  • Takeshi
  • K.I.P.
  • Jason
  • Connor
  • Tyler
  • Kylie
  • May
  • Ultraman Ace
  • E.M.I.


  • Alien Bat
  • Alien Zarab
  • Alien Guts
  • Zaragas
  • Gubira
  • Doragoris
  • Woo
  • Snowgon
  • Gabora
  • Salamandora
  • Gomora
  • Eleking
  • Muruchi
  • Tyrant
  • Ultra 01
  • Alien Reiblood
  • Demaaga
  • Hoe
  • Maga Orochi
  • Zetton
  • Alien Baltan
  • Red Phantom Killer
  • Galactron
  • U-Killersaurs
  • Alien Metron
  • Nova
  • Lunatyx
  • Galaxy Dragon
  • Femigon


  • Mother Of Ultra
  • Kelbeam
  • Red King
  • Ircarus
  • Seagorath
  • Hanzagiran
  • Bemstar
  • King Crab
  • Barabas
  • Zoffy
  • Ultraman
  • Arstron
  • Magular


Season 1

# Title Episode Length Summary
1 Revelations 18:29 When a great evil arises, there is only one who can protect the Earth from annihilation...
2 Bradawl Brawl 12:28 Alien Bat has sent out another monster to attack Earth. When Zone makes his appearance, the ending result is an all out bradawl brawl.
3 Choju Challenge 10:55 Alien Bat sends the powerful choju, Doragory to Earth, but not everything is natural about this incarnation.
4 Flame of Oblivion 11:49 It's a battle to stop the strange new form of Doragory from reaching the city. Can Zone do it alone?
5 Unforgiving Cold 12:34 Team M.E.T.E.O.R. is in search of an ancient energy source, but obtaining it may be the least of their concerns.
6 Triple Threat 18:52 It's a three-on-one battle, and the mysterious Ultraminium energy is at play once again. Can Zone do it alone? Or is he perhaps stronger than he realizes?
7 The Great Cascade 18:33 The power of the mysterious Ultraminium continues to overwhelm Zone. However, the return of an old ally may be able to bring out his inner strength...
8 A Cry for Help 16:16 Alien Bat has one final monster weapon that has a chance to annihilate Zone Fighter. Will it prove too powerful for Zone to handle?
9 Grudge 12:08 Stenz has fallen victim to the Ultraminium energy, turning Ultra01 against Zone Fighter. Zone's only choice is to go against his ally's creation, and ultimately learn the meaning of being an Ultraman.
10 Destiny Duel 12:46 The final battle approaches. With an Ultraminium Orb in hand, Zone heads to the Monster Graveyard to confront his mysterious adversary.

Season 2

# Title Episode Length Summary
11 Disruption of Peace 25:14 Thirty years after Alien Bat attacked Earth, the planet has been in a state of peace. Without any appearances of giant monsters, aliens, or even spottings of Ultramen, humans have begun to let their guard down. However, an ancient evil raises its head after nearly a century of hiding in the shadows. When the Earth faces an even greater threat than ever before, it will be up to Zone Fighter to protect the peace of Earth. Allies will be made, enemies will be discovered, all while unraveling the mystery of the Ultraminium Orbs.
12 The Red Phantom Killer 22:34 The M.P.P. travels out on a hot, summer evening to test out their newly developed, monster-detecting, artificial intelligence: E.M.I. However, an uninvited visitor enters the skies above them, demanding the surrender of an intergalactic murderer. Will Zone and company be able to find this vigilante in time? Or will matters have to be taken into his own hands?
13 The Despair And The Fog 16:28 Connor's isolation from the rest of the M.P.P. grows more and more, and nobody seems to be able to figure out exactly why. However, everything is put to a halt when a monster suddenly appears when the group is caught off-guard and unprepared for such an event. It's up to Zone Fighter to fend off the monster, which is powered by negative emotions.
14 Lunacy 25:00 After the exhilaration of the recent, sudden monster attacks, the guys of the M.P.P. (and E.M.I.) decide to take a night off and just relax. However, they've chosen to do so during the largest recorded supermoon in history, leading to some rather unfortunate obstacles in their goal to just have a night off. A lunar spectacle ensues, with some lunatics going lunar with their lunacy.
15 Fallen Meteor 29:09 May and E.M.I. discover the location of the last Earth defense force's base of operation in hopes of finding old relics that may aid them in their own mission of fighting monsters. However, an Alien Metron hailing from the Cult of Reiblood approaches Earth with a weapon that was once thought to be a thing of only myth and legend...


  • Some of the figures are custom made like Femigon, Galactron, Nova, and Lunatyx.
  • In season 1 and 2, both Koichii and Captain Stenz were both played by the same actor, Jake.
  • Ultraseven's voice sounds different in season 2.