Zombie Super Yonggary is a zombie version of Super Yonggary.


When Super Yonggary's corpse got infected by Zombie Zilla he came back as a much more durable monster then before. With Zombie Zilla thinking Zombie Super Yonggary is dead he goes off. Once again they try to send him away. Russia takes his body. In Russia he wakes up and starts destroying Moscow. Luckily the russians has custody of another monster. Rodan. Rodan fought off Zombie Super Yonggary. Zombie Super Yonggary attacked with blazing fire breath which mutated Rodan into Fire Rodan. Now with fire power Rodan stood a much better chance in beating Zombie Super Yonggary. Fire Rodan flew into right above Zombie Super Yonggary causing his iconic shockwave Zombie Super Yonggary toppled over confused and surprised. Fire Rodan then used his uranium heat beam which was countered by Zombie Super Yonggary's Horn laser there for causing a huge explosion. With Fire Rodan out of the way Zombie Super Yonggary began to travel to Korea. When he was in Germany he saw a giant moth which looked like?... No! Battra. But something was wrong with Battra. He was more powerful and had a red glowy tint and had a M on his head. Zombie Super Yonggary fired ice breath at Battra but Battra dodges. Battra launched a Prism beam and almost knocked Zombie Super Yonggary out. Zombie Super Yonggary retorted with a Spiral eye beam. Battra's wing was damaged. Soon Battra fell hard to the ground. Presumed dead. Bet when Zombie Super Yonggary approached Battra woke up and used another Prism beam. Zombie Super Yonggary fell backward. Battra flew off.

Powers and abilities

Zombie Super Yonggary has all of his previous powers except now he can infect (almost) any living being. He is much more durable then before being a zombie and all.