Zaduras: The Ancient King (古代怪獣:ザドス Kodai Kaijū: Zadosu?), an Godzilla: Assault Monsters created movie featuring Zaduras where he was created by Sergeant Colen, Albino Gyaos; the rival of Zaduras who was white Gyaos species born from it's speciemen and Colen's powerful creation; Ghidorai.


Scene 1: Colen's Creation



Earth Defense Force

  • Alex Adams
  • Ms. Ima
  • Pigma Dengar - An current admin of Earth Defense Force and former member of Star Fox and Star Wolf team from Star Fox series. He originally extremely greedy as the infecting him into an Aparoid himself until Alex recklessly revives him.

Colen's Venomian Army

  • Sergeant Colen
  • Grant Grunt
  • Commander Un


  • Zaduras - The main protagonist monster who was created by Colen who using the rarest Blue-crocked Clameon DNA and Ghidorah DNA.
  • Albino Gyaos - An rival of Zaduras and the white Gyaos who born from it's speciemen.


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