UPDATE as of September 2, 2015: A green version of Test Template!

UPDATE as of September 6, 2015: Film Infobox is now available at Zilla Fanon Wiki!

UPDATE as of September 8, 2015: Kaiju and Game infoboxes has been updated!

I noticed that this wiki does not have enough infoboxes and templates, so I tried to create a new template. And guess what?

It's 100% PERFECT in Desktop and Monobook skins!

Firefox 2015-09-02 16-55-50-50

But, I am having a problem on the new infoboxes and templates: I don't know how to add new colors for the infoboxes: such as "Grey", "Light Blue", or "Light Green", etc...

If anyone likes to help me, post a comment on the comments section below.


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