Millions of years ago dinosaurs ruled the earth and pterosaurs ruled the sky. The great pterosaurs flew in great mile long Vs they were the kings of the clouds. One pterosaur stood out from the rest. His wing span was 20 feet long and could fly higher and faster than any other pterosaur. One day that pterosaur saw something coming down from outer space and the reat flyer took to the high mountains (modern day Mt. Everest),went deep into the dark tunnles,stayed there and waited. The thing from outer space was a huge golden meteor and it was hurddling down to earth at incredible speeds. Then the meteor hit and killed all of the dinosaurs. life aroud began to change.

Year 1964: The spot were the golden meteor struck the earth has turned into a giant volcano and radioactive gas is oozing out of the volcano's top. It has been a long time since the mutant Godzilla destroyed half of Tokyo japan and now Godzilla is living on a dessert island. Also far away at Mt. Everest  something flys out of an opening. The thing was the pterosaur who had been in suspended hibernation. The great bird flew over the snowy landscape looking down over the few huts were the natives lived. The pterosaur flew at amazing speeds. That beast was heading twords Japan!  The pterosaur flew to Japan and over the nucular volcano. The nucular gas was breathed in by the pterasaur. The ancient bird began to mutate. The beast's skin became dark orange and its sise became 306 feet. and its wing span was 500 feet. The fire energy from the volcano fussed with the pterosaur's DNA. When the monster finished mutateing he flew away twords the desert island of Godzilla. When Godzilla saw the mutant flying his way he let out a great roar and fired an atomic fire ball,but the pterosaur dodged it and shot a red beam at Godzilla. Godzilla was sent flying backwords into a sand dune. With that the mutant pterosaur flew away to build a nest. Kaiju reaserchers gave the monster the name FIRE RODAN!!!
Neo Daikaiju RODAN by Dino master

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