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  • I live in CLASIFIED
  • My occupation is A TMNT,Marvel,Star Wars,and Godzilla fan.
  • I am Bread
  • Kung fu frogz

    Enter ANGUIRUS!

    May 30, 2013 by Kung fu frogz


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  • Kung fu frogz

    Millions of years ago dinosaurs ruled the earth and pterosaurs ruled the sky. The great pterosaurs flew in great mile long Vs they were the kings of the clouds. One pterosaur stood out from the rest. His wing span was 20 feet long and could fly higher and faster than any other pterosaur. One day that pterosaur saw something coming down from outer space and the reat flyer took to the high mountains (modern day Mt. Everest),went deep into the dark tunnles,stayed there and waited. The thing from outer space was a huge golden meteor and it was hurddling down to earth at incredible speeds. Then the meteor hit and killed all of the dinosaurs. life aroud began to change.

    Year 1964: The spot were the golden meteor struck the earth has turned into a…

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  • Kung fu frogz

    A mother Godzillasaurus defends her egg from a hungry V-Rex. The mother fights vigorously but the V-Rex forces her to the ground,but the mother bites into the leg of the V-Rex.The monster let out a roar in agony.The V-Rex angrly bites down on the Mother Godzillasaurus's neck. She tries to get away but the more she struggles the tighter the grip of the V-Rex's jaw gets. After 2 long hours the mother finely gives up and dies. The V-Rex goes to devour the egg when suddenly in the sky a golden meteor comes down to earth causing a huge earth quake. A crack in the earth begins to form and the Godzillasaurus egg falls down in to it.Soon the crack closes and the egg is lost. Slowly all life around begins to die out leaving room for new life.

    Year 1…

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