• When we left the two brothers were standing at the cave where the father was sleeping when suddenly Rodan came strait at them. Anguirus jumped out of the way just in time but Godzilla got hit and fell on the ground. Meanwhile in tokyo at G-Force HQ. Sir there's a fight on monster island would you like me to nutralise it said the pilot of Kiryu (Mechagodzilla) Henry Arizawa talking to the president. No if these monster can't live in harmony on the island then they will have tear each other apart. Rodan grabs Godzilla with his talons but Godzilla whacks him with his tail and he lands on the cave. Godzilla's spines start lighting up and Anguirus starts attacking Rodan Then Godzilla lets out a ray of atomic energy out of his mouth that hits Rodan and blows him into a mountain. Rodan then gets back up heavily injured and breaths a ray of his own but it's red not blue unlike Godzilla's blue Atomic breath. The breath missed Godzilla and hit Anguirus in the head. Rodan then takes off and flys toward Anguirus. Rodan then trys to pick up Anguirus but the spikes on Anguirus's back hurt Rodan. Then Godzilla picks Rodan up and throws him away from Anguirus. Rodan the grabs Godzilla by the back and starts pecking him with his sharp beak. Godzilla then backs up and crushes Rodan against a mountain. Anguirus then Jump right at the very injured Rodan and hits him with his horn. Godzilla then Fires his atomic breath but he misses and Rodan then flys away in defeat. Anguirus went to bed but Godzilla stayed up. Then a shadowy figure runs past Godzilla but went to fast for godzilla to see. Godzilla then turns around and found Baragon a monster that has several traits of Anguirus walking into the Cave. Godzilla grabs Baragon by the tail and swung him around. Baragon then charges at Godzilla and knocks him down. Godzilla then punches Baragon. Baragon then starts breathings white fire at Godzilla. The fire then knocks Godzilla down and hurts hit alot. Baragon then jumps on Godzilla's back and starts biting and stabbing Godzilla with his horn. Godzilla then Sqeezes him between his tail and his back. Baragon then falls off Godzilla but Godzilla's back starts bleeding. Godzilla then fires his atomic breath in a steady stream at Baragon. Baragon rolls over and dies. The end. P.s Issue one is on Wikizilla not Zilla Fanon Wiki.
    • Godzilla Brother of Anguirus
    • Anguirus
    • Rodan thief on monster island
    • Kiryu guard of monster island
    • Baragon the fire monster

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