Gojira man 5

aka Robbie

  • I live in Pasadena California
  • I was born on August 17
  • I am Kaiju
  • Gojira man 5
    • When we left the two brothers were standing at the cave where the father was sleeping when suddenly Rodan came strait at them. Anguirus jumped out of the way just in time but Godzilla got hit and fell on the ground. Meanwhile in tokyo at G-Force HQ. Sir there's a fight on monster island would you like me to nutralise it said the pilot of Kiryu (Mechagodzilla) Henry Arizawa talking to the president. No if these monster can't live in harmony on the island then they will have tear each other apart. Rodan grabs Godzilla with his talons but Godzilla whacks him with his tail and he lands on the cave. Godzilla's spines start lighting up and Anguirus starts attacking Rodan Then Godzilla lets out a ray of atomic energy out of his mouth that hits Ro…
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