For those of you who are a part of this wiki you'll notice it has been the source of some trolling by people whose actions have been notorious in the fandom, going beyond what they've been doing here. In order to prevent this any further, I ask to those of you who do visit this wiki and do edit it on a common basis that some order be made. This wiki has no administrator or moderators of any sort to regulate these sort of people from visiting. Least, not that I can find anyways. Which is why I'm making this blog, I plan on taking this to the head wiki administrators for control over this wiki, that way some order will be put in place and prevent anymore trolling on this site. However in order to become one, I need your support, post a comment in this blog stating that you'd like me to become the new own of this wiki and it will show proof to the head wikis that I can be an administrator. Please give this some consideration.Goji73 (talk) 00:55, March 26, 2013 (UTC)

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