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    KG: MoM Trailers

    November 7, 2014 by Franco.carmona.106

    Precisely what the title says.

    Teaser #1

    INTRO: The logos of Toho, Kadokawa, Tsubaraya, Universal, Legendary, and Warner Brothers Pictures appear. Then, fade to black.

    Mothra (Laura Bailey narrating): To think that this all ended… but no….


    Cut to a shot of a ruined Tokyo. It’s raining. Cue storm clouds and thunder.

    Anguirus (Dwight Schultz narrating): It was far from over. And even WE didn’t know until it was too late...


    Cut to a shot of a dark shape at the sea floor. Various seaweed and marine life cover it.

    Rodan (Christopher Sabat narrating): It was supposed to be hard. We knew it was to be. SBut this… this was hell reborn.


    Cut to a blur hitting the ocean and decending to the bottom.

    King Caesar (Kevin Michael Richardson narrating): There was noth…

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    Alrighy, let's get things down to buisness.

    Since the monster bio pages for KG: MoM have started to show up (courtesy of me) I have decided to give you a little preview on what bio pages to expect next. They will be...

    • Biollante
    • MechaGodzilla 1
    • SpaceGodzilla
    • Destoroyah 
    • Orga
    • Megalon 
    • Hedorah
    • Ebirah
    • Hokmuto
    • Femuto
    • Mogu
    • Hafun
    • Ghidrah-III

    Now, once I'm done with the page of Ghidrah-III,  honestly don't know which character to do next, sadly! Though I do hope that you'll enjoy the pages when they DO show up.


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