These unnamed Xenomorph-like creatures are forms of Obliterator. He gains access to this form if he is killed.


They have eight spider-like legs and a Xenomorph-like head and they have Obliterator's dagger-like arms, but smaller and they have four of them. Like Obliterator, they have grey armor. Their "secondary mouths" are actually one of Obliterator's arms, giving it five arms in total. They have a blade tipped tail, similar to a Xenomorph. They still have Obliterator's hydra heads.


Height: 2-20 meters

Length: 2-18 meters

Weapons: Dagger-like arms, "secondary mouth" is actually one of Obliterator's arms, blade-tipped tail, spider-like legs can be used to stab a victim, can breath fire through their hydra heads


After Obliterator died, he broke down into small unnamed creatures and rampaged in New York. Zilla Junior killed the creatures, but was shocked to witness the creatures merge into their final form, Obliterator.


  • They are similar to the Xenomorphs from the Alien series: Having secondary jaws (although the creature's jaws are actually one of Obliterator's arms), and having a blade-tipped tail.
  • They are also similar to Destroyah's Juvenile forms: Having secondary jaws (although the creature's jaws are actually one of Obliterator's arms).
  • They're still called Obliterator by fans.

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