The Universal Series is a Godzilla series, controlled by Universal. It features classic Universal monsters battling Godzilla. It is part of the "Trichise" Godzilla time (when there were three franchises going on at once: Monsterverse, Universal and Toho).


  • Godzilla
  • Dracula
  • Frankenstein's Monster
  • The Wolf Man (Larry Talbot)
  • The Mummy (Imhotep)
  • The Invisible Man (Jak Gurifon/Jack Griffon)


  • Frankenstein Conquers the World (remake; 2016)
  • Godzilla vs the Wolf Man (remake;2017)
  • Godzilla vs Count Dracula (2018)
  • Frankenstein vs Godzilla (2019)
  • The Invisible Man vs Godzilla (2021)
  • The Mummy (2023)
  • All Giant Monsters Attack (2026)
  • The Kaiju from the Black Lagoon vs Godzilla the King of Monsters (2027)

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