Ultra Galaxy Battle is the stop-motion show. Created by User:Samueljoo for toys.



  • Samuel Joo
  • General SpaceGodzilla
  • Lindas

Protagonist Monsters

  • Godzilla/Super Godzilla
  • Gomora/Super Gomora/Ultimate Gomora
  • Rodan/Fire Rodan
  • Anguirus
  • Lagoras/Super Lagoras (after Grangon's sacrificed, but reborn as egg)
  • New Grangon
    • Old Grangon (died given Lagoras to new evolution ability then reborn as egg)
  • King Ghidorah
  • Eleking
  • Arigera
  • Red King
  • Gigan


Black Holes

  • Commander Zog
  • Professor Vice

Zog's Minions and Robots

  • Gan Q (destroyed by Gomora)
  • Mechfan (destroyed by Samuel's Monsters)
  • Zelobot (destroyed in combat by Lagoras)


Vs. King Ghidorah

  1. The Invasion of Black Holes
  2. The Robot Fan Monster
  3. Blue vs. Metal, Countdown to Destruct