A Powerful Bio-Tech corporation, the company is somewhat mysterious in its dealing with people.


The company has several projects, most if not all based on biology and genetics.

  • Farm Enhancements: The company mainly works to enhance farms goods and animals, making more durable and healthier crops and healthier animals that produce healthier products for consumers.
  • Medicine: The company is also a Pharmaceutical corporation working to produce medicines for various diseases and ailments.
  • Artififical Limbs and Organs: The company also creates artificial organs for patients awaiting surgery.
  • Archeology: For some reason the company is also interested in archeology and funds several digs around the world.
  • Sports Enhancements: The company is developing performance enhancement drugs for the military, something that has caused some controversy.
  • Weaponry: The company is also develops weapons and security systems for the Military.
  • R.A.G.D.E.T.: A secret Project the company runs. Spoiler Warning


  • In case it was not obvious the company is based of the Xilliens.

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