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The Monster Prince is a 2016 film produced, written and filmed by Spinocroc123. it is a prequel/sidequel to Terry's Island and it is based on the 1968 series of the same name. It is also ties the Godzilla/Terry universe in the timeline of the film The Good Dinosaur and introduces Ultraman into the universe.


After the confirmation of the Terry's island reboot being included into the Godzilla and Leviathan vs Behemoth universe,





Brontis/Nessie: a giant Brontoaurus who is the main protagonist of the show. He is on his quest to find "if there's anything in this world", and on his journey he found several friends and allies. He is blood-related with Arlo.

Ultraman: the hero from the land of light appeared to assist Brontis.

Gomora: The prehistoric dinosaur monster was recuited by Ultraman to aid Nessie.

Arstron: The prehistoric dinosaur monster was recuited by Ultraman to aid Nessie.

Litra: The same member that has appeared in Leviathan vs Behemoth reappeared in this film.

Terry: the main hero of the sequel and brontis' brother in arms. He was mentioned several times at the begining of the film and only appeared at the end.


Ururu: the evil Tyrant lizard king serves as the main antagonist of the film, sending his army to attack brontis.

Ororo: the right hand man of Ururu and the general of his army.

Dr. Raptor: another villain who partnered both Ruddy and Ururu. capable of controling a strange chimical that turns dinosaurs into monsters.

Ruddy: the main antagonist of the film's sequel. a menacing hybrid beast composed from several creatures who wills to kill terry and role the world. in this film his role is quite minor.


  • This film has been going through many versions, with one even being a direct sequel to The Good Dinosaur, but was ultimately chaged.

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