The Great Monster War is a 2010 13-episode anime OVA series based on the Godzilla series, released in 2010. It was produced in tandem with Ghidorah.

Series Stats


Set in the years 1954 - 1989, the series follows the stories of men, women, and children and their lives through out the "Great Monster Age", from the first time Godzilla appears, to the final battle of the era at Mount Mihara. 


Episode Name Plot



  • The entire series takes inspiration from every film in the Showa era that was made by Toho. Not only does this include the Godzilla series, but War of The Gargantuas, Rodan, The Mysterians, Gorath, Mothra, and Battle in Outer Space.
    • It was also filmed in TohoScope, as a homage to it's usage in the Showa era.

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