Super Yonggary's ice breath

Super Yonggary is a further mutation of the mythical beast Yonggary. Super Yonggary is more advanced then Yonggary. Meaning he is smarter and stronger


After Yonggary died the koreans tried to send him to Denmark but after the Reptilicus incident they refused. He was sent away to Antarctica because of his stench. Mothra brung him back to life because the chemical he was killed with was completly man-made. Yonggary came back much more powerful and wanted revenge! Shortly after his re-awakening he wen't to destroy Korea and everything in his path. Along the way he met Zilla Jr. who engaged him in combat. Super Yonggary got his ass kicked but won in the end. When he reached Korea he recognized Toshi and did not attack him but instead everything else. Using his new powers. He needed to be killed so with the remaining Reptilicus foot the swedish scientists let it regenerate. Eventually they sen't Reptilicus Jr. over to fight Super Yonggary. It was a brutal fight with acid slime, fire, and blood but just like Zilla Jr. Reptilicus Jr. was defeated. Now with Super Yonggary still on the large but mortally wounded they sent in Zone fighter to brawl with Super Yonggary. Super Yonggary got hurt almost to the point of death but managed to K.O. Zone fighter. Now with Super Yonggary suffuring from severe blood loss Super Yonggary was on the verge of death when Zombie Zilla barges through relizing his son is dead then goes straight for Super Yonggary and kills him. Unfortunetly infects him in the process

Powers and abilities

Super Yonggary just like before has fire breath but now also has Ice breath aswell as a Lightning bolt that protrudes from his horn. He can shoot concentrated spiral beams from his eyes to.

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