Toho Kaiju
Monster Icons - SpaceGodzilla
Species Nicknames
Crystalline Alien Godzilla Clone None

Height Length

120 meters

250 meters (Flying form),
240 meters (Terrestrial form)
Weight Forms
72,000 tons (Flying form),
80,000 tons (Terrestrial form)

Flying form,
Terrestrial form

Controlled by Relationships
None Godzilla (Cell donor)
Allies Enemies
None Godzilla, Mothra, Kiryu
Created by Portrayed by
Toho None
First Appearance Latest Appearance
G-Force Episode 27: Crystal G-Force Episode 29: Tokyo S.O.S.

SpaceGodzilla (スペースゴジラ Supēsugojira) is an evil extraterrestrial clone of Godzilla and the main antagonist of the Kiryu Saga of the series G-Force.

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