Return of Zilla is the sequel to the 1998 Godzilla remake. It features Zilla and a new monster known as Deathla.


Long after scientists identify the creature that attacked New York as a mutant iguana, rather than Godzilla, a group of scientists journey to the island where the nuclear test that made Zilla into the monster thought to be Godzilla himself. The scientists, Dr. Donald Raltson, Dr. Miley Crowlson, Dr. Cameron Justin, and, of course, Dr. Niko Tatopoulos, discover that Zilla wasn't the only monster from the island. A giant red creature with the ability to shoot lasers from it's eyes, presumably some sort of mutant animal, attacks the scientists, causing them to flee the island. The creature, Deathla, follows them back to New York, where it starts wreaking havoc. Meanwhile, in the sewers of Manhattan, two sewer workers are discussing a well known urban legend, saying that one of "Godzilla's" eggs survived the incident in 1998. Suddenly, they come face to face with a bunch of eggs, most of them destroyed. They look around for a while, before being attacked by Zilla's only surviving baby, which hatched from one of the eggs. Meanwhile, on the surface, Deathla reaches Manhattan, and starts destroying buildings. Deathla's rampage gets the attention of the baby Zilla, who comes out of the sewers. The baby Zilla attacks Deathla, and the two creatures have a huge fight. The fight ends with the baby Zilla being defeated. Deathla continues rampaging through New York, while the baby Zilla is brought to a research facility. The 4 scientists who discovered Deathla and accidentally brought it to New York are arrested, even though they didn't mean to bring it to the island. After some tests are done on the baby Zilla, it lashes out and breaks out of the facility. It goes on a rampage, until it reaches New York and once again comes face to face with Deathla. The two creatures have a huge fight again, which this time ends with the baby Zilla killing Deathla. With Deathla defeated, the baby Zilla leaves for the ocean, but is attacked by military weapons and vehicles. The weapons seemingly kill the baby Zilla. Meanwhile, the 4 scientists break out of prison and discover that the city has been destroyed by Deathla. They hear the news that the baby Zilla killed Deathla before getting killed himself. Dr. Tatopoulos, being familiar with Zilla and feeling sorry for the baby Zilla turns himself back in. The other 3 scientists leave the city to be safe from authorities.