This page is about the Kaiju Mikuzilla, an Earth Defender.


Mikuzilla is a female irradiated Godzillasuarus and the Kaiju form of the human Kenji Miku. She stands at 115 feet tall. She has orange eyes, black scales/skin, yellow claws, cyan blue spikes that are rather elegant, and a feminine physique with a gentle face, thin legs, arms and body with curved hips and a shapely bottom. 


Mikuzilla retains many of Miku's personality traits but is more violent and has amplified attachment to Godzilla. She also has a split personality, one side of her enjoys destruction and chaos while the more Miku side wants to live peacefully.


In combat Mikuzilla attacks with punches, kicks, scratches, bites, tail whips and her cyan atomic breath, which with enough energy turns into her red spiral breath. She is also very nimble and can run, duck, dodge and jump a lot in combat to gain the upperhand. Her favourite moves include her atomic breath, tail-whipping and one where she pins her foe to the floor and then rapidly punches them.

Kaiju Ranking

Mikuzilla is a Class Three Kaiju AKA a Warrior Kaiju, like Godzilla.

Her Health is 5/6.

Her Speed is 6/6.

Her Melee is 4/6.

Her Beam is 5/6.


Mikuzilla is an Earth Defender Kaiju and she is also allied with the E.D.F.

Theme Song

Mikuzilla's Theme is Monster by Skillet.

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