Meteor S
Species Alien/Rock hybrid
Alias Rock Thing
Living Rock Creature
Origin Rock Planet
Attacks/Abilites Absorbing the monsters' powers to assume the form
Psycho Ray (as second form)
Charge Plasmos Blast (as third form)
Super Plasmos Blast (as fourth form)
Neo Plasmos Blast (as last form)
First Appearance Daikaiju Battle Galaxy
Last Appearance

Meteor S (メテオーS, Meteō S) was the living rock creature who lived on Rock Planet.

Enter's Data

As the Base Form: "Meteor S was the living meteorite who lived on the Rock Planet. The Meteor S has a holes to absorb the many polluted powers to transformed into many forms.".

As the 2nd Form: "It absorb the Explosion Burst energy, it morphed into juvenile form. That thing was actually a kaiju same as Cho-Kaiju.".

As the 3rd Form: "Meteor S absorbs the nuclear waste, it evolves into a mutated form. It got new incredible power, stronger than previous.".

As a final form: "Meteor S affected by Infernal Burst attack, now it evolves into final form. It got dragon wings and stronger version of previous form.".


As Base Form

The Meteor S fell into the Kaiju Planet where is smash into a ground. According to Enter's data, the Meteor S could asleep during the nighttime and daytime it woke up. Samuel located the Meteor S is somewhere at the crash-landing, but it already runs off and attacking Drago Carrier. Enter prepare the ZERO Machines to fire the rock creature. Dillain and his friends call their monsters to destroy it. However, it no avail but forces to shot down with Battle Cruiser Cannon and barely damage it by Explosion Burst. Unfortunately, the damaged Meteor S begins absorb the Explosion Burst energy and transforms into bug like-lifeform. Dillain and his friends shocked that Meteor S is living rock creature.

2nd Form

After tooks Explosion Burst energy, it changes into second form and fights off ten monsters. Clashing with Indrago, Dilain evolve him into Super form to destroy the rock creature. However, it survived, absorbs the nuclear waste into third form.

3rd Form

When it absorb the nuclear waste, it turned out become a more powerful version of previous form. It used stronger attacks to take down primary monsters (exception of Indrago). Indrago blast the rock creature with Infernal Burst, but take some damaged it. When the rock creature was bursted however, it infected by Infernal Burst cause to mutates into fourth and final form.

Final Form

When infected by Infernal Burst attack, it causing undergoes mutated into dragon version of previous form. According to Enter, it needs fire energy to assume final form. That can defeated by Indrago and EX Gomora.