Megatron Stauts Dead Bio Megatron Is The Main Antaginost In Sesaon 1 Of Godzilla Island Adventures He First Appears In Episode 2 When He Attacks All The Members Of Monster Island He Than Goes To Attack Other Places But All The Monsters Decide To Team Up Against Him Forcing Him To Retreat He Than Gathers An Army To Attack Monster Island Again But Godzilla Was Prepared As He Had His Own Army And Godzilla's Army Managed To Defeat Megatron's But Megatron Was So Powerful That Godzilla Had A Hard Time Defeating Him But When Megatron Called Godzilla Godzero Godzilla Found The Power To Destroy Megatron With One Blast Of His Spiral Ray Thus Ending Megatron It Is Unknown What Figure Is Used To Portray Megatron He Is Voiced By Branden Wilson

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