Beetle Monster
Monster Icons - Megalon
Megalon 1973 01
Species Nicknames
Mutated Rhinoceros Bettle Megaro-san, Megaron, Megalo, Drill-Hands Dummy, Butthead
Height Length
140 meters 200 meters
Weight Forms
70,000 tons None
Controlled by Relationships
Seatopians (formerly) Seatopians (ex-worshippers)
Allies Enemies
Ghidorah Empire
Earth Defenders (movie only),
Global Defence Force (movie only)
Earth Defenders, Global Defence Force, Gyaos Empire, Bagan, Barugaron, Dr. Mafune, Dr. Oniyama, Dogolas, Earth Monsters, Breach Beasts, Yapool's Faction, Four Heavenly Knights, Ultras, Simian Remnants, Shiigan, Battra, Godzilla Jr., Gigamoth
Created by Portrayed by

Yukimasa Kishino (Japanese dub)
Jim Cummings (English dub)
First Appearance Latest Appearance
King Ghidorah: Monster Zero Episode 5: Alliance of Doom King Ghidorah: Monster Zero - Gigan's Silent War
Megalon Roars00:29

Megalon Roars

Megalon (メガロ Megaro) is a giant, beetle kaiju who has a supporting protagonist role in King Ghidorah: Monster Zero.

Subtitle: Beetle Monster (ビートル怪獣 Bītoru kaijū)

Appearance and Personality

Megalon is an upright-standing, gigantic rhinoceros beetle-cockroach hybird. His general body color scheme is brown and silver, though he has yellow eyes, and his back shell is light-yellow with black stripes in a tiger-like pattern. He also has a giganic, lightning-shooting horn, insect-like mandibles, and two-clawed feet. Instead of having true hands, he has massive drill appendages.

He is usuallly portrayed as a stupid, slow-moving, and generally dimwitted charater. Much like Orga, his strength is totally out of proportion with his intelligence, making for a thuggish, stereotypical brute. However, unlike Orga, he seems incapable of learning from his mistakes. In fact, Megalon holds the dubious honor of being the most stupid character in the show (according to Jim Cummings himself), and this is rightly proven on more than one occasion - most notable of which during Episode 16 when he tries to ram Irys head on with his horn several times, (when he could have just used his horn lightning) and this attack was easily sidestepped by the mutated Gyaos. This embarassing incident earned him the nickname "Butthead" which stuck for the rest of the series. However, he is however too stupid to realise this, and the other taunts his allies usually hand to him. Despite his lack of intelligence thereof, he is held in a somewhat high regard by his allies for his fighting abillties.


Powers and Abillities

  • Forehead Horn  - Apart from using his horn as a battering ram, he can also firelightning bolts from it.
  • Super Strength - He is strong enough to go mano y mano with Godzilla.
  • Drill Hands - His hands are strong enough to make Godzilla bleed,
  • Flight - Megalon is highly capable of flight at Mach 3.
  • Strong Legs - Megalon can hop 10 kilometers with a single bound
  • Drilling Abillies - He, being raised under the Earth's surface, is an excellent driller.
  • Swimming Abillities - For reasons unknown, he can swim pretty well at Mach 4.
  • Napalm Bombs - Megalon can fire off 22,000-pound napalm bombs from his mouth.


  • His nickname of "butthead" was partially inspired by the Back To The Future villain Biff Tannen's mannerisim of calling people "butthead."
    • In fact, some of his mannerisims are based on Biff - frequently getting metaphors wrong and being a lecherous sexual predator (the latter habit as dropped by the first arc's end).
  • Gigan once shoved his chainsaw hand down his throat and kicked him several times in the crotch for hitting on Biollante in Episode 12.

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