Mechazilla is the mecha version of Zilla, the American version of Godzilla.  He is an alternate version of Cyberzilla from Godzilla: The Series.                 


Mechazilla was created by the United States Military in an experiment, his purpose being to annihilate Zilla.  He was the United States most powerful weapon and the greatest chance of ever destroying Zilla.  He tracked Zilla down to Monster Island and fought him there, he was too powerful for Zilla but in the end, though badly wounded, Zilla destroyed Mechazilla and threw the mechanical pieces of his body into the ocean. 

A submarine later found parts of Mechazilla's body and sent them to the United States government, they decided to rebuild Mechazilla and supply him with a better weapon system.  It took three years for Mechazilla to be rebuilt but when he was complete, he destroyed his programming system and decided to rebel.  He went on a rampage and the military tried to stop him, Mechazilla destroyed many jet fighters and army tanks that pursued him.  Thousands of people were killed and they had no choice but to call in Zilla.  Zilla had another battle with Mechazilla but this time he couldn't win and could only sacrifice himself to destroy Mechazilla.  Zilla grabbed a large nuclear bomb that the military had planted in the city (to stop Mechazilla) and it exploded on both of them, killing them both.  It was not an ordinary bomb, it was a bomb that the Xiliens had given the Earthlings in order to defeat Kaiju. 


Height - 121 meters tall

Weight - 200,000 tons

Weapons and Abilties

Gattling Guns hidden in his chest armor

Can fire lazers from his eyes

His tail can shoot lightning and cause electro pulses

Arms can turn into machine guns