Is a mecanic rodan created by mysterious aliens Ditrellers in favor of Xiliens

Mecha rodan by dracostarcloud

Mecha Rodan


The ditrellers they got took some adn of rodan in 1964 and transform the adn with a robot built as rodan, the xiliens negotiated with ditrellers who were near to modify and make mechanical and xiliens want to They wanted him to fight to conquer humanity in 1965 but they came to disagree with distrellers and so I stayed with distrellers They remained off the radar in this time after the battle between Godzilla and Ebirah the xiliens want to use this rodan well equipped wick for a new attempt to conquer,they contacted the ditrellers and after a fight these aliens destroyed the station of the ditrellers and rob the mecha rodan and break free Mecha Rodan to land on the earth, Rodan and Godzilla was on earth and Godzilla went to fight another monster called gheroir that is another monster controlled by the xiliens the humans intended to break free of his control to the monsters but the xiliens arrive and destroyed the land bases MechaRodan began to fight Rodan MechaRodan initially had the lead and almost hit with missiles rodan long-range and try to dodge all the battle was partner, mecha rodan use his metal wave and his dark espiral and Rodan was in trouble but then Rodan use all of his speed and hit everywhere on Mecha Rodan use his new Fire Red shockwaves in Mecha Rodan and in the end Rodan get up Mecha Rodan and destroyed him in a mountain Godzilla close reunited with Rodan after gheroir also be destroyed by Godzilla.


Long-range missiles

Metal Shockwaves

Dark Espiral

Dark Lighting


Rodan reaches the earth in 1966

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