Battra Imago

Majin Battra surging with power

Kneel before Battra!


After Battra sank to the bottom of the ocean with one of Godzilla's incarnations Babidi's spirit brung Battra back a majin but Battra's control over his body remained and he sent Babidi back to hell. Majin Battra now surging with power was filled with rage. Specificly at Godzilla and especialy... Geo. The one and only. Battra continues his quest to Geo when suddenly he spots Zombie Super Yonggary. Zombie Super Yonggary sees Majin Battra and fires ice breath at him. He dodges and uses his Prism beams. It hit Zombie Super Yonggary and almost knocked him out but he retorted with a spiral eye beam. With shere impact, It blasted one of Majin Battra's wings. Battra was inraged and could have. Would have killed him right there at that time. But he new better. He played dead and Zombie Super Yonggary instead of ignoring him tried to infect the corpse. Although it would be impossible to infect a majin, Battra was surprised and used his Prism beam. Zombie Super Yonggary was knocked backward. Annoyed Majin Battra flew off to find Geo. Eventually he found a portal to Hell. Specificly Geo's lair... To be continued

Powers and abilities

Majin Battra's classic moves are his Prism beams aswell as his Energy shock escaping from his horn but now he has regeneration and teleportation like super speed.