Kurunkos is a ficticious giant cockroach monster, she is a force of nature and is neither good nor bad. She is a very adept fighter. Kurunkos is inspired by the idea of a monster that shares origins with Godzilla. She has two spellings of her name "Kurunkos", the common name and "Karunkos".


Kurunkos is a member of of the cockroach family, heavily mutated to become a new species. She mutated from the Asian cockroach, Blattela asahinai and her new species is called Blattela kurunkonius'. Her common name originates from her scientific name. Karunkos is related to every type of roach within her family tree and is the largest species of cockroach alive, she has all new means of respiration. Her origins are shared with that of Godzilla.


Kurunkos's appearance changed massively from her mutation. Karunkos resembles the roach monster from Men in Black(1997 film), though slightly. Kurunkos has a long slender body that has patterns of the common cockroach, she is is fully exoskeletoned though has a softer underside and due to her flexibility there are gaps between plates of armor, her main color is dark brown. Kurunkos has a long neck similar in proportion to Godzilla's, she always keeps her head rose up slightly. Her armor plating appears very hard, the military has a hard time piercing it. One of her heavily mutated features is the mouth, she has an actual mouth filled with pieces of sharp exoskeleton posed vertically that resemble teeth. She has also developed a very reptilian shaped head and has two large, rigid and sharp antenae coming out the back of her head. She has also developed two large, centipede-like mandibles that she can open and close at will, they are located at the sides of her mouth, she has two vicious looking insectoid eyes located at either dide of her head. She has developed long, scrawny human-like arms with clawed three-digit hands at the end of them, she uses all limbs for efficient locomotion but will stand up on her four back limbs when fighting. Her four back limbs have developed to be better suited for standing like a theropod dinosaur. At the end of her length are two barbs on her "tail". When upright, she stands at 610 feet(185.93 meters) at her largest incarnation and 700 feet(213.36 meters) long. In her smallest incarnation, when upright she stands at 320 feet(97.536 meters) tall and 410 feet(124.97 meters) long. Kurunkos is also pregnant, she has a large elongated-pregnancy belly shaped yellow egg sack on her underside, it's located from the lower thorax to the near tip of the abdomen aka "tail".