Kaijunizer (カイジュウナイザー, Kaijuunaizā) is the weaponize who catch the monsters thanks to Samuel's inventions. The other variantion are Grounizer, Protonizer and Darknizer were different color and appearance. This similarite used by Giga Battlenizer to create the new invention, the Kaijunizer.

How to use it

Use the commands the monsters.

  • Awakening a monster.
    • Evolve a monster.
    • Recall back a monster.
    • Fuse the any monsters.

Performing a Special Move Attacks

Using the monsters to create a specialize moves. Example: Gomora performs Heat Laser Strike or Horn Strike Laser.

  • Attack Cards
  • Defense Cards
  • Team Cards
  • Finisher Cards


The combo of Kaijunizer and Saber Key built by Masato Jin after Samuel and Enter accidentally used two cell into one genetic resources named Masato Jin (which is Samuel and Kaito's name merged). Dillain and his friends can now new feature called Team Mode. When it fully charged after hit the monsters or charging with using his/her hand, it used the powerful slash as the finisher move to slashes the enemies. Whenever used the counterattack, used the Fast Trick to defeat the enemy's attacks.

Invention of Kaijunizer

Samuel latest project of AUTO CREATOR to scan Gomora DNA when has a piece of Gomora's horn and create a one single kaiju called Gomora. He trains him to become a Kaiju Championship until Gomora becomes a sentient kaiju and knows his name. Samuel and Gomora built the new invention called a Kaijunizer to stored Gomora. He placed the Giga Battlenizer to keep safe for a while.