Gyaos King
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Species Nicknames
Mutated Gyaos Irys, Lord Iris, Lord Iyrs, King Gyaos, King Iris, King Iyrs, Shadow of Evil, Portent of Darkness, Ryu-Sei-Cho, Ryuseicho, The Supreme Gyaos, King Gyaos
Height Wingspan
130 meters
250 meters
1,999 meters (tentacle length)
Weight Forms
95,000 tons Baby Gyaos
Controlled by Relationships

Gyaos (DNA progenitors), Queen Leigon (consort)
Allies Enemies
Gyaos Empire Ghidorah Empire, Earth Defenders (movie only), GDF (movie only)
Created by Portrayed by

Masaki Teramosa (Japanese dub)
Ted Lewis (English dub)
First Appearance Latest Appearance
King Ghidorah: Monster Zero Episode 16: The Rival King Ghidorah: Master of Monsters - Part III
Irys Roar01:15

Irys Roar

Iris is the main antagonist of the second story arc of King Ghidorah: Monster Zero .

Subtitle: Gyaos King (ギャオス王, Gyaosu-ō)

Appearance and Personality

Iris is a genetically-modified Gyaos, and his physical structure is markedly different. First, his face is almost bone-like in nature, though it resembles a Gyaos head. It however, has no mouth, ears or nose, has a yellow orb on top, and his four eyes are all yellow, and do not have any puplis. His chest has several blue orb-like surfaces that cover a central, yellow one. His arms don't have any hands whatsoever, but they end in long, bony, spurs.  Iyrs' back has several saw-like plates and has four tentacles with four sharp ends each. His legs are thin, though he does have spurs coming from his knees and two blue areas on his thighs. He has no true feet, but his toes, two front toes and one rear one for each leg, extend down from his legs as support. Iris does have wings, but they're are not usually visible since they're concealed in his tentacles. They can, however, pop out his tentacles.

Just like his rival, King Ghidorah, Iris is a very skilled tactician whose leadership skills and appetite for destruction are on King Ghidorah's level. He does have a few fatal flaws though; firsly, he can be very vain and rather self-centered; two, he's more of an 'armchair general' type of character, very rarely tackling any problem hands-on. Third, he does rather tend to play favorites among his forces, especially with the Gyaos and Legion, who work rather poorly together because of it. This also applies to the rest of his forces. 


Powers and Weapons


  • He is generally considered the best opponent King Ghidorah faced in the entire series.
  • Iris' gender was never really revealed in the original Gamera III movie. In the series he is confirmed as a male.
  • His voice actor, Masaki Teramosa, is perhaps best known for voicing Shadow Moon in the tokusatsu series Kamen Rider Black and its sequel series Kamen Rider Black RX.

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