Ice Godzilla was created when Godzilla was waking from his slumber under the water. (Courtesy of Kiryu)

When he rose from the bottom, he was preparing to fire his atomic ray at Tokyo, when a freak ice storm hit his dorsal fins. 

Then, strangely, his dorsal fins were begining to absorb the ice. Then Godzilla's skin started turning ice cold and he shot his atomic ray - instead of being burned, everything was frozen!

That's how it happened.


Ice Godzila's only known weakness is fire. Even though he used to live off heat, Ice Godzilla lives off cold.


Ice Godzilla's only known abilities at the time are atomic ice ray and atomic ice fire

Ice Godzilla vs Fire Kiryu

G-force has tried everything to defeat this new Ice Godzilla, even Kiryu. 

Doctor Ishimoto, G-force's new scientist, then stumbles upon a red crystal. He tries to pick it up but it burns his hand.

He gets some members of G-force to help him take the crystal to his lab and finds out that it contains the pure essence of fire.

Dr. Ishimoto then implants it in Kiryu. Ice Godzilla then emerges from Tokyo bay and proceedes to attack the city.

G-force then sends out Fire Kiryu to take on Ice Godzilla.

They then proceed to battle. Fire Kiryu is just going to finish off Ice Godzilla, when ice Godzilla bites its neck and absorbs some of its fire energy.

Fire Kiryu then jumps back and fires his proto fire missiles. Ice Godzilla responds by firing his hyper atomic ice ray.

Ice Godzilla soon runs out of power. Fire Kiryu takes this advantage to go full power and blast him.

Then all of the sudden, a unidentified attack hits Fire Kiryu.

Godzilla rose from where he had fallen in a new form. Fire Kiryu's fire energy transformed it into Crystal Godzilla!

Fire Kiryu stood suprised, heavy damge from Crystal Godzilla making it unable to move!

Crystal Godzilla then fired another blast at fire Kiryu, fire Kiryu still had enough power to fire his fire zero cannon.

Kiryu tried but it was to late Crystal Godzilla fired one more blast and Kiryu was destroyed.

Crystal Godzilla stood victorious.

Then walked into the ocean.