Goji64 in all his glory

Goji64 is Godzilla's younger brother, he looks exaclty like Godzilla did in Godzilla Final Wars. He is also a earth defender and is close freinds with Koji. He was first discovered on Monster Island hanging out with Godzilla and Godzilla Jr. Also is close freinds with Mothra12.



Goji64 vs. King Ghidorah

He had once fought King Ghidorah and killed him after Ghidorah had shot 3 gravity beams at Goji64, Goji64 reflected them and knocked them at Ghidorahs middle head destroying it. Goji64 then shott Ghidorah with his atomic heat ray several times, killing the dragon.


  • Height: 100 meters
  • Length: 100 meters
  • Mass: 55,000 tons


  • Blue Atmic Heat Ray
  • Extrodanary jumper
  • Extrodanary runner
  • Nuclear pulse
  • Can fire a blue energy beam from every part of his body
  • Super regenerative power
  • Able to unleash a Hyper Spiral Ray after being surged with all of his heat ray energy
  • Can send energy into others
  • When chest turns blue it can absorb attacks and send them back at the attacker
  • Can breathe in air, space, and water
  • Hyper Mayza - A powerful beam Goji64 often uses as a finisher, it is the advanced version of the blue energy beam he is able to release from every part of his body
  • Wrestling Skills - Goji is a great grappler, and can perform moves like piledrivers and even the ability to do Gorosaurus's kangaroo kick.


Godzilla and freinds (includes Koji)


King Ghidorah

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