Godzilla vs Transformers is the first story to be posted on Zilla Fanon Wiki by a wiki contributer that calls himself "the Answerer", he created this story first because of his knowledge of both the subjects. It is a crossover between the Godzilla movie series and the Transformers. The Godzilla shown is the Heisei era Godzilla vs the movies by Michael Bay Transformers. Comic and cartoon themes will be used for the Transformers. 

Megatron is back and he's trying to make a Space Bridge but due to his low knowledge of the subject he opens a portal to another Earth where Autobots are not to worry about but enormous kaiju are. He accidently brings the King of the Monsters into their world and it's going to be hell!

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Do not read this if you do not know about the Transformers movies, toys, comics or cartoons.


Humans ran in terror screaming as the hundred meter behemoth tore their city to the ground. Godzilla roared and blasted several buildings with his atomic ray. Humans screamed, the city was a sea of fire. Death and destruction were everywhere. The man over the radio was screaming cuss words instead of reporting by now then silence. Another roar and another building down. Godzilla walked through the city and smashed a building with his tail then pummeled one down. Fury just fury, the humans must pay.

More of this chapter coming eventually.