Godzilla TV Show
Godzilla Wars
Godzilla Wars
Created by G&G-Fan
Produced by G&G-Fan
Genre N/A
Channel N/A
Episodes N/A

Godzilla Wars is a Godzilla television series created by G&G-Fan Films.


The series is about Godzilla monsters that never fought in the movies fighting.



Season 1

# Title Run Time Air Date Monster Appearances Winner
1 Godzilla vs. Rodan 30 mins May 16, 2015 Godzilla, Rodan Godzilla
2 MechaGodzilla vs. Mothra 30 mins May 23, 2015 MechaGodzilla, Mothra MechaGodzilla
3 Gigan vs. Megalon 30 mins May 30, 2015 Gigan, Megalon Gigan
4 Destroyah vs. SpaceGodzilla 30 mins June 6, 2015 Destroyah, SpaceGodzilla Destroyah
5 Zilla vs. Godzilla Jr. 30 mins June 13, 2015 Zilla, Godzilla Jr. Godzilla Jr.
6 M.O.G.U.E.R.A. vs. Jet Jaguar 30 mins June 20, 2015 M.O.G.U.E.R.A., Jet Jaguar M.O.G.U.E.R.A.
7 King Kong vs. King Caesar 30 mins June 27, 2015 King Kong, King Caesar King Caesar


  • There are currently 5 seasons planned for the show.

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