Godzilla: Rise Of Ghidorah

on a starry night two kids were riding there bikes across the lake. The first kid said lets throww trash in the lake. The second kid said now, it's not the time to throw trash, riding is apart of our school assigment. The first kid said don't worry our parents will let us off for 6 minutes. A mysterious horn and 3 heads then popedd out of the lake and watched the kids throw trash. The heads then poped back underwater. The first kid said what was that. Then wings poped out of the water and they were gol as gold coins in treasure. The second kid ran for his life as he fell in the water and didn't come back up. The second kid worried and looked I the water and jumped in there. He looked around for his friend then he saw his friend and said jerry come over here. It turned out it wasent jerry,wasn't Even a human. It was a perionoidn dragon named king ghidorah. He then ate the kid and theN shouted his new roar and flew off to Washington.

Godzilla: Island Of Monsters

godzilla is forced again restore when mechagodzilla and mecha king ghidorah are built to kill him. Rodan, angurius,baragon and kumonga are forced to live on monster island and to not make contact with godzilla and destroyah and gigan threatened godzilla. godzilla know has to alliance with the transformers and the skylanders to save his friends and save the world from evil

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