As you may know there is a fan made Godzilla universe called the Neo Universe or NeoVerse made by Matt Frank. Kaiju-Zilla and I have been wondering what Toho related kaiju (Comics, games, TV series, etc) would be good inclusions in the NeoVerse. We need your help and opinions to decide what kaiju would make great additions to the already great Neoverse. Give your suggestions on the discussion page. Give the monsters name and a link that has their information and abilities etc. Thank you for your help.

If you have no idea what the NeoVerse is here.

How many of us remember this image below?

This image made all our imaginations and dreams go wild just trying to figure out which Kaiju would be next in the Neoverse; I remember myself trying to figure out which kaiju would appear. In short terms, what kaiju do you want to see in the Neo Universe? That's what this is about. We already had Jirass added to the Neoverse through The G-Neo Contest held around a year ago, but we can’t forget the other Kaiju that were proposed...

In this page we will discuss which kaiju we would like to see, but remember they must be Toho-related kaiju.

Proposed Kaiju

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