Ancient Race
G Neo Races The Elias by KaijuSamurai
The Elias
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


Thousands of years ago, before even the Mu War, the Elias landed on Earth. Their home planet of Mars rendered inhospitable, the tiny race of humanoids sought to make the lush environment of the blue planet their new home. Unfortunately, due to Earth's massive size, the ecosystem was incompatible with their diminutive psysiology...until Gigamass changed that. Gigamass was something of a living bio-computer, created to alter environments and control the weather. By increasing oxygen content in the surrounding area, the small but technologically advanced civilization began flourishing with a lessened gravitational pull. It was then that the Elias sought to start controlling more aspects of the environment; they turned storms away, quelled volcanic eruptions, even made food more available to themselves. Slowly but surely, Gigamass was gaining strength, and gaining a strong hold over the environment around it.

BATTRA would have none of that. Rising from the Earth, the vengeful god set loose his wrath upon the tiny people. But even being so tiny, their weaponry and technology was advanced enough to give Battra a run for his money. But even as Battra was gaining the upper mandible, MOTHRA intervened. She believed that the Elias had the potential to live in peace with the planet, and was loath to see them annihilated. Though her smaller larval form could do little against the ferocious Battra, she was overcome by his might and her brother set his compound eyes upon the Gigamass core...unfortunately, Gigamass was ready for him.

In order to defend itself, Gigamass formed into a fearsome creature called RAZIN, and unleashed its power over weather on the mighty Battra, driving him away. It then turned on Mothra, nearly killing her (much to the Elias' distress, since many considered Mothra a deity). Razin then began to take over the Elias city of Aelina with its own influence, infecting it, turning it into his own fortress! What happened next has been lost to the ages...but it is a story that will be told some day.

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