United Nations Mechanoid
Super Mecha Godzilla
Alias SMG
Type Warrior Class
Faction G-Force
Proposed Height 100 meters
Proposed Mass 70,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


An absolute monarch among machines; more powerful than anything man had ever constructed on a physical level; so completely unstoppable that it was terrifying in its raw beauty; its codename: SMG, short for SUPER MECHA GODZILLA. But it was not to be.

After GODZILLA II's return in 1984 and rampage that devastated Tokyo (again), the newly formed G-FORCE was forming think-tanks left and right, trying to accumulate as many good, crazy ideas as they could to combat the King of the Monsters, when he would inevitably rise from Mt. Mihara. Among the ideas, one very crazy idea very nearly came to fruition. One team of engineers, a mix of experienced roboticists and a team of up-and-coming youngsters, proposed the ultimate Anti-Kaiju Plan: a gigantic robot, built specifically to be more powerful than just about anything that could crawl out of the radioactive woodwork. Absolutely armed to the teeth and then some, SMG could completely annihilate anything in front, behind, above, below and to either side of it.

It is obvious at first glance that SMG was inspired by the Simeon weapon MECHA-GODZILLA, which nearly killed Godzilla in its own right. Indeed, much of Mecha-Godzilla was salvaged after the cataclysimic fight with Godzilla, KING CAESAR and TITANOSAURUS, and what little tech had survived was thoroughly studied with much to be learned.

Needless to say, the project never came to completion. Even with the already ridiculous weaponry budget put forth by the United Nations, the funding just wasn't there to complete the sort of towering god of a machine that SMG would have been. Besides, it was also feared that a weapon of such size would cause just as much if not more damage that whatever threat it was trying to combat. As well, the EDF higher-ups decided that it would be in poor taste to associate with the alien super weapon that nearly destroyed the planet.

There was some fruition to Project SMG; the basic framework was built, and after the project was put on ice in favor of the ANEB, the skeleton was brought back out of storage and used to create MOGUERA, a more mobile and cost-effective mecha. Later, most of the design specs would also be used for the construction of Project KIRYU.

There is one thing for certain: Super Mecha Godzilla would have completely and utterly laid waste to any kaiju that stood in its sights...perhaps even Godzilla himself!

Proposed Abilities/Aspects:

  • - Mega-Buster in mouth
  • - Eye Lasers
  • - Paralyzer Missiles (TONS of these)
  • - Gattling Guns (4 mounted and 4 hidden)
  • - Shock Anchors - able to lodge in enemies and fry internal organs
  • - Plasma Grenade - absorbs ambient energy and chargers into one massive blast.
  • - Artificial Diamond Coating - also prevents against magnetism
  • - NASA-grade rocket boosters

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