Eight-Headed Serpent
Orochi Neo
Height As tall as a mountain
Length Longer than eight rivers
Mass Heavier than a thousand bison
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


YAMATO NO OROCHI is perhaps the first daikaiju in recorded history to menace humanity. The legend of the beast spread throughout the world (one version being the Hydra of Greek mythos) and his size and raw elemental power a force to be reckoned with. Orochi eventually met his end at the hands of Susano-O, as the legend of the "Kojiki" goes, when the beast drank of eight vats of sake, purified eight times over. The Kojiki states that Orochi then fell asleep, and Susano cut him apart, but the Legend of the Yamato Guardians proclaims that Orochi was merely weakened by the sake, and Susano-O used the power of his sister, Amaterasu, to become UTSUNO IKUSAGAMI (though others state that Yamato Takeru did varies) and destroyed the serpent. Regardless, nobody knows where Orochi came from, though it was not necessarily an evil creature, rather a pure force of nature, which lashed out at mankind (not unlike Godzilla). Some have speculated that Orochi was born from some leftover part of Ghidorah 65 million years ago, but it's a stretch...

Regardless of Orochi's origin, the creature's most important contribution to the history of kaiju is what happened AFTER its demise: when Ikusagami/Yamato/Susano-O defeated the monster, each of its eight heads were severed. Each head, however, carried a certain power or element, they being Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Thunder, Venom, Light and Shadow. Each head, which each power, slithered off into the far reaches of the world, and, as the Guardian legend goes, each returned as its own daikaiju. Destiny foretold that the 8 beasts would fight one-another, and the loser would willingly give his chi to the victor, who would augment his or her power with the strength of the other. Eventually, one beast would stand above the others, and that last monster would become Orochi reborn. Of course, Varan, Manda and Baragon each had two of the powers of Orochi within them, so it goes without saying that only two others exist. If Orochi should indeed ever return, the world would quake, and even Godzilla would find himself hard pressed to defeat such a foe.


A map of the Orochi spawn's powers is in order-

Baragon defeated Barugaron and took his fire breath, Manda destroyed Shiigan and took the Thunder Spark, and Varan conquered Vagnosaurus and gained the venom power. Balkzardan and Jyarumu fought one-another and vanished from history, their opposing light and dark powers somehow cancelling each other out.


  • - Each head posseses a certain elemental power
  • - Body was supposedly impervious to physical harm, with exception to Holy weapons
  • - As stated, when the 8 Spawn of Orochi would become one, the beast would be reborn
  • - Weak against sake

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