Alien Amalgamation
Orga Neo
Height 65 meters
Mass 40,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


A mass of shambling genetic frik-afrak, ORGA is, quite literally, the first and last of his kind. Millions of years ago, after Ghidorah's cataclysmic visit to Earth, the Millenians, a race of "DNA Architects" were searching for a new world full of genetic wonderlands to frolic through. After some....rather unsavory events, the aliens were forced to congregate their collective "Genetic Memory" into their massive starship, which lay resting at the bottom of the sea for eons... Until winter of 1999. CCI, a splinter faction of the EDF, found and raised the encrusted ship to the surface. Upon absorbing massive amounts of solar radiation, the UFO re-activated, and began immediately scanning every life form it could find...until it found Godzilla. The monster's G-Cells were surely like a beacon to the Millenian conciousness, and they attempted to subdue the daikaiju. Of course, Godzilla responded to their Concission Wave with his Atomic Breath, and the two found a stalemate. Drained of power, the ship eventually made its way to Shinjuku, where it began to research the human race. Of course, its progress was cut short by CCI, and subsequently, Godzilla himself. After burying the Kaiju Emperor, the ship began to extract the monster's genetic material, and, in a glorious folly, combined it with their own. The result was Orga. Vicious but posessing a remarkable intelligence, its desire to completely absorb Godzilla's DNA was a necessity to stabalize its mutation. Naturally, it tried to overwhelm the King, jumping out of a pile of rubble and capturing Godzilla. Growing larger and more Gojiran, it wasn't until CCI's intervention (thanks to Yuji Shinoda), that Godzilla was able to get the upper-claw over Orga, and destroy him from within. Shinoda's Godzilla Prediction Network now has official G-Force support, but remains an independent organization. Needless to say, CCI has been disbanded.


  • - Rapid regeneration, even greater than Godzilla's
  • - Able to fire an Atomic-Concussion Blast from shoulder cannon
  • - Prone to obsessive nature, despite remarkable intelligence
  • - Right arm able to lift Godzilla completely off the ground
  • - Venom in maw able to subdue Godzilla for a brief period of time
  • - Jaws/throat can widen and extend for a quick attack

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