Giant Condor
Ookondoru Neo
Type Beast Class
Faction Red Bamboo Mutant
Wingspan 25 meters meters
Mass 2,000 tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


Perhaps the first example of "intentional kaiju," the OOKONDORU flock was created on Letchi Island by the Red Bamboo. While EBIRAH guarded the base from the sea, the Ookondoru guarded it from the sky. The Red Bamboo, besides the usual terrorist shenanigans of nuclear weaponry and general crimes against humanity, had also been experimenting with various toxins and poisons for chemical warfare. Testing on cattle and livestock, the RB then had the problem of what to do with the infected meat. Of course, they did what any human would do: throw it out and hope it just goes away.

What they hadn't counted on was that flocks of scavenging birds on the islands would feed on the infected meat, and, believe it or not, it mutated them into a flock of giant condors! By keeping the beasts feeding grounds closer to their base, the condors formed nests and would become a not-so-natural defense against outside threats...of course, Godzilla rose from INSIDE the island, so the point was moot.

A flock of the things descending upon Godzilla while he was taking a nap, and though they provided ample challenge to the monster king, a few blasts of atomic radiation got rid of them.

The remaining Ookondoru were destroyed when Letchi went nuclear, but there are rumblings that some may have nested in various other South Seas islands.


  • - Powerful fliers
  • - Subsist on mutant carrion
  • - Dangerous in flocks

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