Alien Species
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


A species of sentient insectoid creatures from "Space Hunter Nebula M," better known as "Nebulans" for short. First appearing in 1972, the invasion force may in fact have been on Earth before then, due to their ability to literally compress their bodies into the epidermis of a homo-sapien host, making them practically imperceptible to the untrained eye. The Nebulans sought out Earth in order to find a new world to inhabit, since, according to their historical files, their home planet was rendered uninhabitable much in the same way is slowly happening to our own: pollution and war. These beings (which superficially resemble Blatta orientalis) have a rationale that humans are incapable of slowing or halting the production of waste chemicals, and that only through subjugation and eventual decimation can Earth be restored to any sort of natural beauty. Any real truth or sincerity behind this motivation is under strong skepticism. Despite their very effective yet ultimately unsuccessful plan to invade the Earth, the Nebulans appear somewhat technologically challenged. They do have ships, and do possess a sort of rudimentary control over the cyborgs Gigan and Megalon, but they carry no weapons (since their natural forms come equipped with biological weaponry), and only a few members of the invasion force seemed capable of actually utilizing the computer systems. Due to these factors, it is theorized that the Nebulans were not the creators of their own technology, much less Gigan and Megalon. Rather, they may be offshoots, or leftovers from the original advanced race which dominated their home planet, until it succumbed to the conditions which forced even the adatable Nebulans to vacate.

They seem to share an alliance with the seldom-contacted undersea sovereign kingdom of Seatopia, who utilize a limited control over the monster Megalon.

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