Mysterious Warrior
G Neo - Monster X Neo
Monster X
Length 70 Meters
Mass 25,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


As Earth descended into chaos during the Kilaak Invasion, Operation Final War was nearing its climax. Captain Gordan, Dr. Otanashi and the young, inexpeirienced soldier Ozaki piloted the GOTENGO 2 on the with what little force they had left, with GODZILLA not far behind. There ,within the mother ship,the Regulator waited bouncing his knee in excitement... Monster X is perhaps the most dangerous Kaiju to appear on Earth, Largely Because it is not merely a Kaiju. The Regulator, the Earthling-Xillianhybrid son of Astronaut Glenn and Miss Namikawa, has been waiting all his abnormaly long life to carry out his grand drama on Earth. Now, moving towards the last act of the play,He activated a massive Genetic-Mutating agent in his body, flooding his system with the catalystic energy needed to mutate himself into a brand new hybrid: Humanoid and GHIDORAN. His skeleton erupted from his body, becoming a bizzare armor, his skin and muscles became as black as death, and his already warped mind pushed beyond the limit of mortal capacity. MONSTER X and GODZILLA squared off at Mt. Fuji, while the rest of the monster army watched in awe. The radioactive dinosaur and the Mutated alien proved to be a match for one another, but X hadn't counted on a major factor: that his power is what GHIDORAH itself needed to be reborn: after being all but beaten by Godzilla. MONSTER X was absobed by GHIDORAH, mutating the super monster and making him more powerful than ever. Now it is up to GODZILLA, RODAN, MOTHRA, BATTRA, KING CEASER, ANGUIRUS, TITANOSAURUS, ZILLA, KUMONGA, KAMACURAS and EDF to defeat him.


  • - Super speed and strength
  • - Extreme Martial Arts Prowess
  • - Able to Levitate/"Fly" for a good distance
  • - Gravity Bolts from eyes
  • - Can focus alien chi into attacks

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