Monster Island
Monster Island The Lair by KaijuSamurai
The Lair
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


Deep in the jungle of Sector Gamma, the extremely dangerous local of "The Lair" lies in sinister silence. Animals choose to steer clear of the area, and even the research team has to take extreme precautions before such a risk. The Lair is home to none other than the monstrous Kumonga, the giant spider and known man-eater. Carving out a section of earth and creating a huge pocket to sleep in. Kumonga prefers to remain in her cave for days at a time, only emerging when hungry, and almost always at night. A consequence of the she-spider having no taste for fish, the research crews must bring in herds of cattle to place in the Lair, the steep walls providing no escape. It's a grim practice, but necessary to keep Kumonga content, lest she seek food from the tasty humans on the island.

If Kumonga tries to leave the area surrounding the Lair, G-Force developed canisters activate and automatically emit a chemical compound, engineered to resemble Godzilla's territorial scent, which greatly deters the spider. It is crucial to keep Kumonga seperated from the other kaiju, seeing as how Anguirus would quickly start a fight, and she would try to kill and eat Kamacuras.

Once a special team managed to lure Kumonga out of the Lair with a potent drum of blood and meat by-products, allowing the team mere minutes to investigate her hole. It was found to be surprisingly clean, the majority of the waste and animal remains pushed out into the external area, but threads of her iron-like silk lined the cavern, allowing the team to discover that she had lined the entire area with her silk, providing the ability to test the vibrations of the area around her. The team had to pull out quickly, because Kumonga had caught the chopper holding the bait above her, nearly killing the crew, and was on her way Ichiro Maki, kaijuologist, could have sworn he saw huge, round, glistening objects in the cave as they fled. A second attempt to investigate has not been made at this time.

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