Godzilla neo miki saegusa by kaijusamurai-d4kkhwd
Miki Saegusa
Height 5 ft. 1 in.
Mass 40 kilos
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


Bio - One of the prodigies of the ESP Research Institute circa 1989, MIKI SAEGUSA was contracted by G-Force as part of their think-tank to find new ways to combat both GODZILLA and whatever kaiju crawled out of the woodwork. Admittedly, they were throwing ideas at the wall here just to see what would stick, and nobody anticipated the privately-and-donation-funded ESPRI to actually turn anything of value around (most saw it as a big scam). However, it wasn't until Miki actually FOUGHT Godzilla that everyone started to take her real damn seriously. Granted, her battle with Godzilla was entirely in the realm of the mind. Her mission was to stall Godzilla for as long as she could, while the city of Osaka was evacuated and made ready as a battlefield against the King of Kaiju.

Miki later recounted the battle...after she regained consciousness. As Godzilla reached Osaka channel, the water became shallow, and he noticed the tiny speck upon the helicopter platform not far from him. His attention was drawn to this tiny mammal, who should absolutely have been beneath his notice. Miki reached into his mind, probing, trying to find...well, ANYTHING of value. And what she found, she stated, was chaos. Anger, frustration, a burning desire to reclaim what he perceived to be his territory, his home. But beneath all of that, she detected something else.

Before she could pull back that veil, however, Godzilla became aware of her, feeling her in his mind, violating his most intimate space. Godzilla's feelings, as Saegusa described it, were not complex, but he brought his willpower against her, forcing her out of his mind. The psychic blowback was so immense that it knocked her completely unconscious. Godzilla, roaring in a display of dominance (almost in an obligatory way...he certainly felt no real pride in such a simple act), continued towards his battle in Osaka.

Saegusa, in a debriefing at G-Force, noted that Godzilla, had he wanted to, could have killed her through shear force of will. Yet she described it as more like being hit by a truck that wasn't going full speed. There was SO much strength in his will that she recommended no one EVER try it again, because if they did, Godzilla would most certainly obliterate their minds without even realizing it.

It wasn't until years later, after once or twice more connecting with Godzilla's mind, that she realized what she felt deep beneath his fury and was loneliness.


  • Superb psychic abilities, grows stronger with training
  • Able to move objects through telekinesis
  • Can sense Godzilla's movements from hundreds of miles
  • Actively sought out by the Shobijin as an emissary of Mothra.

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