Robotic God
MechaniKong Neo
Height 75 meters
Mass 27,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


"On that fateful day in 1962, Kong's body was never recovered after his grand battle against Godzilla...OR WAS IT?"

"Fast-foreward 45 years, believe it or not. In that time, a very wealthy man, a Dr. Hu, had procured Kong's body for himself. Having seen the creature in New York on that fateful night when he was much younger, he became obsessed with the mighty beast. When the Age of Monsters began in 1954, he watched with envious eyes while the world began to wage war against these new gods who threatened to take man's dominion from him. By 2008, through a mix of forbidden alchemy, scientific breakthroughs and a special serum derived from the Soma berry, the body of Kong was restored, as well as shifted and mutated. Hu even took the Soma Compound to lengthen his own life so that me may see his greatest work completed. He knew that the governments of the world would pay handsomely to anyone who could destroy the mighty Godzilla, so Project MECHANIKONG was brought to fore. But even after being made into a horrific fighting machine, would Kong's soul also be restored?"

Article writer Maru Kenoshita cocked his eyebrow. The man sitting across from him, rocking back and forth, his straight jacket firm, a wide grin across his face, simply stared in anticipation.

"Junji-san, did Godzilla defeat Mechanikong?" Maru asked. "For the last time, there is no Junji here. Only an international Judas named Dr. Hu, at your service!" the man replied. "And secondly, we'll just have to wait, won't we?"

Maru sat back for a moment, flipped the small switch on his recorder to "off," and stood up.

"Thank you for your Hu. I'll be sure to send you a transcript."

"Oh no, thank YOU. I only hope that the coming battle won't result in your death, Kenoshita-san. Our talks have been most enjoyable!"

"Ah...hah. Thank you, again."

Maru walked out, and the attendant locked the padded room's door behind him.


  • - Grenade belt used to great offensive measure.
  • - Electro-Gauntlets channel natural bio-electricity into massive conductors.
  • - Right hand contains a small hologram of the likeness of a beautiful woman, intended to curtail the "Kiryu Effect."
  • - The fevered dream of a madman.

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