Spider Monster
Kumonga Neo
Height (MAX) 35 meters
Mass 18,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


The TRUE queen of Solgell Island was no reptile or insect, but a shadow that dwelled in a deep chasm in the center of the island...a great arachnid of incredible size and aggressive power...KUMONGA. Theorized to be a mutation of an ancient, prehistoric species of spider, Kumonga is likely the last of her kind, and is theorized to be female as well, which would account for both her territorial nature and the likelyhood that she killed and devoured all other members of her species on the island (there's evidence to reinforce the presence of more giant arachnids that once inhabited the island). Kumonga's error, of course, was seeking to make a meal of the young GODZILLA JUNIOR, and incited the wrath of GODZILLA himself. Through a combination of the rapidly dropping temperature and the firepower of both Godzilla and Junior, Kumonga was forced into retreat, and burrowed into the snow in order to sooth her burned exoskeleton.

Kumonga would not reappear until towards the end of the century when she was discovered in the jungles of New Guinea, and promptly coralled by G Force to Monster Island.


  • - Exoskeleton resistant to all conventional weaponry
  • - Potent venom capable of making even Godzilla woozy
  • - Webbing nearly unbreakable, and only disolved by fire.
  • - Able to fling hairs on back at foes while retreating (causes eye and throat irritation in giant monstersand can penetrate several inches through steel)

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