Mysterious Monster
Godzuki Neo
Type Beast Class
Faction G-Cell Mutant
Height 3 meters
Mass 2 tons
Created by Toho/Hanna Barbera
Redesign by Matt Frank


The world of kaiju is a strange, strange one indeed. Many mysteries exist and haunt the corners of the realm of such a small, wondrous world of ours. No GODZILLA, as far as science is concerned, ever conceived children or gave birth. Where exactly other Godzillas, such as GODZILLA JUNIOR, came from is still open to debate. What's even MORE of a head-scratcher, however, is the story of GODZUKI, otherwise known as "Godzilla's Nephew," an appropriate nickname, at least. The small monster has been something of a Sasquatch or Watchuka of the psuedo-field of Monster Hunting, and one of Dr. Quinn Darian's many subjects. Chasing after various monster hints and tips abord The Calico, Dr. Darian, Captain Carl Majors, her nephew Pete and her assistant Brock had one day come across the small kaiju, stuck in a dead, collapsed reef while researching under water. Freeing it with their mini-sub, Pete dubbed the creature "Godzuki," but it didn't stick around for pleasentries. Fleeing the scene, Godzuki did nothing less than take to the air! Flying east, the team followed the smallish kaiju among the islands to the Southern Pacific..and nearly gave up when they became sidetracked by an SOS from the small island called Selga...


  • - Can breath a stream of radiactive fire...on occasion.
  • - Powered flight
  • - Origin is completely unknown.
  • - Able to understand human speech on a limited level.

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