Nightmare Creature
Gabara Neo
Height A bajillion feet
Mass A quadrillion tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


Gabara is every jerk you ever knew...if he were a big, fat, wart-covered cross between a cat and a frog (which isn't much of a stretch). He's every muscle-headed jerkwad who ever called you a dork for liking Godzilla, and as such, he has a special penchant for picking on "Minilla" if he can ever find the little monster alone on Kaiju Island. Minilla has an unfortunate habit of wandering off by himself, being naturally curious, and Gabara takes full advantage of this by electricuting (his special power), berating and beating the younger monster (never to death, because then he'd have nobody to bully). The only reason Godzilla himself hasn't vaporized Gabara is because he feels that his surrogate son needs to be able to defend himself, and one day, Minilla did just that. Finding the courage to both stand up to Gabara, as well as outsmart him, the young monster flipped Gabara off of the end of a giant log, clear into the air and over the jungle. Godzilla congratulated his young protoge'....until Gabara pulled the ultimate desperation move and chomped Godzilla's leg! That did it. Godzilla and Gabara began to fight viciously, and even when Minilla tried to intervene, Godzilla pushed him back from the fray. He was going to teach this punk a lesson himself! After beating and blasting Gabara into submission, Godzilla grabbed the monster as he attempted to flee, and hurled him several hundred yards, crashing into the jungle! Gabara arose, bruised and battered, and scrambled into the interior of the island. He made sure not to toy with either saurians again.

(DISCLAIMER: The EDF and G Force have never confirmed nor endorsed the fictional work of manga writer Ichiro Miki, and have repeatedly had to delete the "Gabara" entry from their Monster Database. There are also no other known young Gojirans with the exception of Godzilla Junior known to history).


  • - Electrocution

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