Living Weapon
Godzilla Neo DAGARLA by KaijuSamurai
Type Warrior Class
Faction Gigamass Beast
Height 30 meters (at sholder)
Length 150 meters
Mass 40,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


To say that DAGARLA (sometimes called "Dagarha") is a living weapon would be like calling Godzilla "a big lizard." Single-minded and ferocious by nature, Dagarla attacks and destroys without mercy, and all that intimidating jargon than follows the wake of the deadly sea monster. Yet where did such a monstrousity come from? It can't be natural, and it's too perfect a destroyer to be a simple mutation...

As expected, Dagarla is a creation of Gigamass, made to purge the world’s oceans. When Shiori went back home to her native Okinawa for the summer, she didn’t expect the curse of the living bio-tech to follow her even there. The tides around the island were turning red with BAREM, small starfish mutations made by Dagarla himself to assimilate raw biomass for the monster’s energy supply. Ghogo’s bodily fluids fought off the ill effects of the Barems’ venom, but the only way to get rid of Dagarla was to try and find some old Elias tech. Shiori and a pair of dorks from her summer school classes soon found themselves deep in an ancient Elias-made temple, long hidden beneath the waves, thanks to Belvera’s meddling. Meanwhile, Mothra arrived to battle Dagarla, but the sea monster proved itself nigh-untouchable while under water, and Mothra soon found herself being dragged beneath the waves to share her mother’s fate…until BATTRA intervened! The armored insect was more than capable of fighting undersea while Mothra climbed the tower to try and heal her Barem-covered body. It wasn’t until Ghogo’s power was finally unlocked that the little piece of Gigamass, intended to be a failsafe should the power ever go out-of-control, sacrificed its energy to rid Mothra of the Barem infection.

Mothra and Battra lead a combined elemental assault on Dagarla and destroyed the monster. But with Ghogo gone and the Gigamass core still hidden somewhere, how could Mothra hope to erase this menace?


  • - Able to produce Barem, who, in turn, collect organic matter, with which to produce more Barem.
  • - Can fire Irabushan beam from mouth
  • - Limited flight
  • - Able to create waterspouts (giant water tornados)
  • - Can swim in excess of 50 knots
  • - Shoulder cannons can fire concentrated Barems and toxins to attack foes

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