Mutant Invertebrate
Godzilla Neo C REX by KaijuSamurai
Crustaceous Rex
Type Beast Class
Faction G-Cell Mutant
Height 50 meters
Mass 24,000 metric tons
Created by Toho, TriStar
Redesign by Matt Frank


When ZILLA Jr. was presumed dead, Nick Tatopoulos lead the HEAT team with a heavy heart to Jamaica, where reports of another mutation were flooding across the internet. It was here that a new species of giant squid from the deep ocean had been driven into relatively safer feeding grounds by…something. As it turned out, Zilla had survived the attack and followed HEAT to the South Seas, where he saved the crew from a massive squid attack. As it turned out, the thing that had chased the squids from their habitat made itself known: a giant crustacean which Randy Hernandez later dubbed CRUSTACEOUS REX, although Victor “Animal” Palotti suggested the name “Giant Walking Crab Cake.” The former stuck. Crustaceous Rex is a relentless foe, although it is not specifically aggressive towards humans. In fact, the only time it actively chased people was when Nick and French operative Monique DuPre lead the monster into the nearby jungle with a truckload of highway tar. The kaiju was feeding on tar-and-tar-like-substances like that produced by the giant squids, and after Zilla burned up its food supply, it was left with little recourse. When it specifically threatened Nick, Zilla leapt into the fray, and used a combination of wits and a set of GODZILLA-like powers not present in his biological father to defeat the monster, crushing it under tons of rock. After analyzing C-Rex’s DNA, Nick and Elsie Chapman discovered that it shared a remarkably similar genetic structure to Zilla, and, by extension, Godzilla. What was going on?!


  • - Armored hide protects from most conventional weaponry
  • - Surprisingly agile
  • - Moderate healing factor
  • - Able to regurgitate tar as a form of self-defense
  • - Tentacles on underbelly used for grappling

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